Ontario Horticultural Association District 9


The Centennial Stamp 


Around, 2002, the Ontario Horticultural Association, was beginning to think about planning celebrations, in honor of their Upcoming Centennial year of 2006.  One of their Directors on the Board, Eloise Schumacher, Director of District 9, presented a great idea of honoring this Centennial by having a special stamp issued.  Eloise initiated and presented this idea to Canada Post for consideration. 

In 2003, Eloise retired as Director of District 9. However, Diane Kiers, Director of District 9, continued the acquisition of this stamp. In June of 2005, we were informed by Canada Post’s Vice President of Communications Mr. Alain Guilbert that On March 8th 2006,  … “Gardens”…. a series of four commemorative Stamps which would celebrate the best of Canadian Gardens would be issued on the occasion of the Ontario Horticultural Association’s 100th Anniversary. 

Canada Post accorded us further honour by launching Our Commemoratives at the Success with Gardening Show on March 16th of 2006 in Toronto. Among the many guests present were,  members of Canada Post, the Designer Debbie Adams, and owners of the Gardens which were  featured on the stamps.  The ceremony included signing of First Day Covers and stamp packages, an unveiling by Ontario Horticultural Association representatives and a presentation by Canada Post of  two large posters depicting these stamps,  a Shadow Box Framing of these beautiful commemoratives and 200 first Day covers to The Ontario Horticultural Association.

The Ontario Horticultural Association, is especially appreciative of the Honour received from The Stamp Selection Committee of Canada Post and happy to have their Centennial commemorated by this beautiful issue of Commemorative Stamps.

By: Diane Kiers

Past Director District 9 of the Ontario Horticultural Association